Images and copyright

Each artwork that is published in Search the Collection has been carefully reviewed before publication. Yet there still may be inaccuracies about basic information, literary references etc. Copyright holders who do not wish to permit publication of images of their artworks in Search the Collection are requested to contact the museum.

If there is no image of an artwork this may be because the artist or the copyright holder has not granted permission for publication. It may also be because the museum has been unable to contact the artist or the copyright holder, or it may be because the work has not yet been photographed.

Copyright ©

The works in this database are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without the copyright holders’ permission. The works presented in this database are under license from BUS (the Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden).

You can read more about BUS on their website:

Image archive

You can order b/w or colour images from our image archive by telephone or email.
The images are primarily delivered in digital format. We will be happy to assist you in finding the image you require.

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