The Fürstenberg Gallery III (Room 18)
The Fürstenberg Gallery III (Room 18)
The Fürstenberg Gallery provides a unique insight into the dramatic Nordic art life of the 1880s and 1890s and comprises some of the foremost works from the period. Pontus and Göthilda Fürstenberg collected primarily “the opponents”, who were influenced by the French en plein air painting and impressionism; they also acquired French and contemporary art from other Nordic countries. In 1902, they bequeathed their collection to the Gothenburg Museum, where it was installed in its own gallery; it was later relocated to the new art museum at Götaplatsen.
Works of Art
Painting and Sculpture
The Telephone
The Telephone
Hawk's Nest
Woodcocks; Red-backed Shrike; Thrush in its Nest; Preying Hawk; Sparrows
Bather with Parasol, Dalarö
Blindman's-Buff. Vase
The Frog
Finnish Peasant Girl
The Forest
Landscape with Horse
The Fortress at Varberg
Violin Player
A Young Poet
Landscape from Halland
The mating of the Capercaillies
Hartippen, Tjörn
Scene from the Swedish West Coast
Nordic Summer Evening
A Farewell to a View