The Cabinets I (Room 5)
The Cabinet Galleries contain works from the 15th to the 17th century and is also sometimes used for exhibitions of graphic art and drawings. Here we find Gothenburg Museum of Art’s oldest works. A Catalan painting and a pair of German panels from the end of the 15th century, which still retain their gothic character, provide a contrast to Ludovico Brea’s Throning Madonna from around the same time. Lucas Cranach’s Salome and Paris Bordone’s Jupiter and Io are also on display.
Works of Art
Girl with Vegetables
John the Baptist preaching
Church Interior
Landscape with Abraham and Hagar
Seascape with Battleship on the Roadstead
Allegory: Virtue and Envy
The Church of Noordwijk
View of the Town Rheenen
The Grand Doctor Pantalon and the Skeleton of an Donkey
The Grand Doctor Pantalon Explains the Science of Medicine
Operation of Edema
The Japanese