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Printed. Prints as collector's items, mass media and showpieces
Printed. Prints as collector's items, mass media and showpieces
Prints as collector's items, mass media and showpieces
Gothenburg Museum of Art
14 March-16 August 2020

Printed. Prints as collector’s items, mass media and showpieces features a selection of Renaissance and Baroque prints. Collectors, celebrities of art history, and early mass media are in focus in a presentation that only shows a fraction of the museum’s largest collection. The museum seldom has the opportunity to show artworks on paper. Lack of space is one reason, and the works’ sensitivity to light another. Light accelerates the degradation processes of paper, hence the dimmed lighting of the rooms.

The collection of the Gothenburg Museum of Art comprises over 70 000 artworks from seven centuries. Out of these, 60 000 are works on paper, that is drawings and prints. The older prints, produced between 1400 and 1900, make up two thirds of the collection. Among them you will find masterpieces, and in some cases unique works, by eminent printmakers such as Albrecht Dürer, Rembrandt van Rijn and Master E.S. The collection offers insights into both artistic expressions from different periods and technical developments in printmaking. Furthermore, many of the images are interesting source material about historical persons and places.

The importance of digitalisation
Three percent of the Museum's collection of older prints has been digitalised, that is photographed and made accessible in the museum’s database. The major digitalisation projects that the museum has carried out so far have been financed by external funding. These concentrated efforts have contributed to the fact that over 20 000 works, for example paintings, sculptures and drawings, are digitally accessible for the staff at the museum. The majority has not yet been added to the museum’s public online catalogue Search the collection, which at present includes 4 600 works.

With the resources available today, the museum can digitalise 500 works per year. Digitalising the remaining 45 000 prints would be a demanding project in terms of resources, but in return it would be of great benefit to both the public and the research community. If the collection is made accessible in Search the collection, it would be easier to conduct research based on the material, both in Sweden and internationally, and a wider public could enjoy the works. In this sense, the collection of older prints is a dormant resource with great potential.
The Nativity
Christ on the cross
The Senators, from Triumph of Ceasar
The Sea Monster (The Abduction of Amymone)
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Saint Sebastian Bound to a Column
Saint George and the Dragon
The Large Horse
Susanna and the Two Elders
Woman with the Hind
The Milkmaid
Melencolia I
The Plague
Karolus Rex Catolicus
Young Man with a Skull
The Witches' Procession
Four Skulls and a Baby
David and Bathsheba
Journey of the Magi
The Virgin with the Child
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