About "Search the Collection"

The Gothenburg Museum of Art’s collection comprises approximately 70,000 works. 20,000 are currently registered in the museum’s internal database, of which 10 percent are available, with an accompanying image, in the museum’s searchable web catalogue. Our aim is to continuously add items to the catalogue.

In "Search the Collection", basic information on the museum’s artworks is presented, including: artist, title, date, technique, dimensions and acquisition history. In some cases the works are presented with a text and more detailed information, such as signatures, labels and other markings on the artworks, production history, provenance, exhibition history and literary references.

In addition to information on the individual works, there is a timeline showing 65 central works in the museum’s collection. There is also a function called “Gallery by Gallery”, which enables you to take a tour of the museum and see which artworks from the collection are on display and in which gallery.

Some of the titles of older works in the museum’s collection may contain words that can cause offense. These words used to be uncontroversial but have, over time, come to be regarded as condescending. A title determined by an artist is considered to be an integral part of the artwork and the history surrounding it. For this reason, the museum has chosen not to change original titles of artworks. In the museum’s collection one may thus find artworks with titles containing words such as “Indian”, “Negress”, “Gypsy”, “Lap”, etc.

The information on the works is reviewed before it is made public. Visitors to the site are welcome to contact us if they, despite this, discover an inaccuracy.