The Sculpture Hall
The Sculpture Hall
With an emphasis on modern and contemporary sculpture, the presentation in the Sculpture Gallery takes its starting point in Aristide Maillol’s female torso The Summer from 1910 and spans a century. The selection shows the breadth of sculptural expression and presents a variety of artistic practices and materials. Recent acquisitions, represented by, among others, Cajsa Von Zeipel, Ulf Rollof, Jone Kvie and Klara Kristalova, encounter works by 20th-century pioneers such as Henry Moore, Alexander Calder, Astrid Noack and Louise Nevelson.
Works of Art
Standing Woman
Family Group
Noir, bleu, rouge
Totem I
Mule from the series Hoarfrost Editions
Blue Hutsut
Jet set
Blue Cross One (5)
The Animal
The Kiss
Rug No. 83
Black Oak
Seconds in Ecstasy
The Topography Between Wandering and Escape
Mr Flindt's Proposal on How Infinity Looks
Cult Carriage
Canto nr 1