The Sergel Gallery I (Room 10)
The Sergel Gallery I (Room 10)
The eponymous Sergel Gallery comprises sculptures, busts and medallions by Sweden’s foremost 18th-century sculptor, Johan Tobias Sergel (1740-1814). Sergel was the leading light of a Gustavian artist circle of the turn of the 19th century, which included Carl Michael Bellman. Sergel was well-versed in the French Rococo style that dominated at the Art Academy in Stockholm in the 1760s. His late sculptures were informed by classical ideals but he never abandoned the delicate lightness of Rococo.
Works of Art
Hertiginnan Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotta
Gustaf IV Adolf
Every Version is Part of the Myth
Venus som stiger ur badet
Prinsessan Sofia Albertina
Mars and Venus