The Rembrandt Room (Room 8)
The Rembrandt Room (Room 8)
The Knight with the Falcon is one of Rembrandt’s most important late works – a physiologically penetrating portrait of a knight, possibly based on Saint Bavo. Here Rembrandt has abandoned the traditional way of depicting saints as exalted with shining halos and instead accentuates the saint’s humanity. The painting is contextualised with works from the time: a painting from the school of Rembrandt as well as works by, among others, Anthony van Dyck, Jürgen Ovens and still life painting from the 17th century to today.
Works of Art
Still Life with Wine, Fruit and Cakes
Still Life with Oysters and Wine Jug
Still Life with Gilt Goblet
The Adoration of the Magi
Priest in a Cope
The Singer
The Four Evangelists
Snake and Butterflies
Wreath of Flowers and Fruit with Centre-Piece after Rubens
Still Life
The Knight with the Falcon
Two Winebottles
Still Life with Cheese
Still Life with Oysters
Tropaeolum in Vase
Still Life with Duck
Outside the Farm