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Girl against Blue Water
  • Artist Mollie Faustman (Swedish, 1883 - 1966)
  • TitleGirl against Blue Water
  • Dating 1920-tal
  • Technique/MaterialOil on canvas
  • Dimensions90 x 55 cm
  • AcquisitionPurchase, 1926
  • CategoryOil painting
  • Inventory NumberGKM 0810
  • Rights and ReproductionMollie Faustman/BUS 2012©
  • Display StatusOn display in Swedish Modernism (Room 23)
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In Girl against Blue Water from the 1920s, colour plays a prominent role. The child’s dress is made up of a lattice of red bands that hang freely from her shoulders, her arms and legs being the only bit of her tanned body to be visible. Red is pitted against blue, her hair has a greenish hue with yellow and white highlights, the »grey« stones are outlined in purplish colour with hints of yellow and blue. The girl’s figure fills the canvas. Her gaze is lowered; all is still. Faustman has created monumentality from absolute simplicity.

Philippa Nanfeldt from The Collection Gothenburg Museum of Art, Gothenburg 2014