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Variable Square
  • Artist Nils Olof Bonnier (Swedish, 1945 - 1969)
  • TitleVariable Square
  • Dating 1967
  • Technique/MaterialArtists' book (woodblock print on paper)
  • Dimensions19,6 x 15 x 0,3 cm
  • AcquisitionIncorporated to the collection, 2016
  • CategoryArtists' book
  • Inventory NumberGKM 2016-37
  • Rights and ReproductionNils Olof Bonnier/BUS 2016©
  • Display StatusNot shown in the museum
Exhibition History
Nils-Olof Bonnier was one of the pioneers of the artist book format in Sweden in during the 1960s. During his studies at Valand Academy, Bonnier collaborated with the artist group Björnligan to organize public events and make artists’ books. They wanted to make art more visible in the public space, instead of being restricted to the established institutions. One of the most talked about public events was an art exhibition at Götaplatsen, in which one of their suggestions was that the collection of the Gothenburg Museum of Art should be replaced by a slide show, to make more space for contemporary art.