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Saga I
  • Artist Inka Lindergård (Finnish, *1985)
    Niclas Lindergård (Swedish, *1984)
  • TitleSaga I
  • Dating 2009
  • Technique/MaterialChromogenic colour print
  • Dimensions100 x 128 cm
  • Edition2/5
  • AcquisitionPurchase, 2013
  • CategoryPhotograph
  • Inventory NumberGKM 2013-001
  • Rights and ReproductionNiclas Holmström 2013©
  • Display StatusOn display in The Étage I
Signatures etc.
Exhibition History
Inka Lindergård’s and Niclas Holmström’s photographic works have often centred on human behaviour in groups and in relation to nature. In the Saga series, they explore our idea of the grandeur of nature and “deconstruct” the sunset’s magic allure and attraction. By experimenting with spray paint, pink smoke and mirrors, they create installations in the landscape in an attempt to apply the shifting colours of a sunset on new objects and scenes.