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Through Bridges Centralbron
  • Artist David Molander (Swedish, *1983)
  • TitleThrough Bridges Centralbron
  • Dating 2010
  • Technique/MaterialDigital animation
  • Edition5 + 2 AP
  • AcquisitionPurchase, 2011
  • Categoryvideo art
  • Inventory NumberGKM 201192
  • Rights and ReproductionDavid Molander 2011©
  • Display StatusNot shown in the museum
Exhibition History
In the work Through Bridges Centralbron the depiction of the Centralbron (the Central Bridge) and the traffic routes of Klara in Stockholm moves between fiction and documentary. With the help of a camera, the location is defined and its identity explored from new perspectives, far removed from the conventional and flattering representations. In Through Bridges Centralbron, David Molander has recreated the feeling of a place based on a large number of photographs and film clips put together into a sequence in which the viewer’s position is constantly changing – zooming in, zooming out, transportations sideways, back and forth, creating different focal points.