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  • Artist Shinkichi Tajiri (American, 1923 - 2009)
  • TitleWarrior
  • Technique/MaterialBronze
  • AcquisitionGift of Bo Boustedt, 1964
  • CategorySculpture
  • Inventory NumberSk 0476
  • Rights and ReproductionShinkichi Tajiri 2013©
  • Display StatusNot shown in the museum
Shinkichi Tajiri was born in Los Angeles, the son of Japanese immigrants. The family was detained in a concentration camp in 1942, after which Tajiri participated as a volunteer in World War II. After the war, he studied art in Chicago and traveled to Paris. From 1956 he lived in the Netherlands. His experiences of the war are reflected in Warrior, an abstracted three-legged figure with a shield. The lacerated, deformed shape is reminiscent of contemporary sculptors. Tajiri’s welded metal sculptures, however, have a distinctive style, which can be associated to science fiction.