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Female Dancer
  • Artist Sigrid Fridman (Swedish, 1879 - 1963)
  • TitleFemale Dancer
  • Dating 1917
  • Technique/MaterialBronze
  • Dimensions67 x 27 x 33 cm
  • AcquisitionPurchased partly with funds from anonymous donors, 1920
  • CategorySculpture
  • Inventory NumberSk 252
  • Display StatusNot shown in the museum
Signatures etc.
As a young woman, Sigrid Fridman moved to London, where she worked as a physiotherapist. In the 1910s, she began sculpting, initially for her own enjoyment. Later she re-trained in Paris, in 1912–1914 and in 1916.

Sigrid Fridman was added to the collections as early as 1920 and is also represented in the collections of the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, and with a number of public sculptures around Sweden, such as Spelande Pan (Playing Pan) in Härlanda and Pingvinbrunnen [The Penguin Well] at the Museum of Natural History, both Gothenburg.

Per Dahlström 2011